Top 10 EPM Downloads of 2017 - 12-Dec-2017 14:00 - US-Analytics

This year, we created more content than ever before to help you get the most out of your EPM investment. We looked back at all the eBooks, tools, webinars, and checklists to see what you loved most.

The Top 5 BI Downloads of 2017 - 12-Dec-2017 12:51 - US-Analytics

At US-Analytics, we’re always looking ahead, but we also realize looking back is important for continual growth. It was a big year for us. We acquired BI firm Rittman Mead America Inc., extending our business analytics expertise and offerings.

This means you can expect even more BI resources coming in 2018 — so keep an eye out. For now, you can check out our most popular downloads from 2017 to help you prepare and jumpstart a successful new year.

Oracle Code Online December 2017 - 11-Dec-2017 06:45 - Brendan Tierney
This week Oracle Code will be having an online event consisting of 5 tracks and with 3 presentations on each track. This online Oracle Code event will be given in 3 different geographic regions on 12th, 13th and 14th December. NewImage I've been selected to give one of these talks, and I've given this talk at some live Oracle Code events and at JavaOne back in October. The present is pre-recorded and I recorded this video back in September. I hope to be online at the end of some of these presentations to answer any questions, but unfortunately due to changes with my work commitments I may not be able to be online for all of them. The moderator for these events will take your questions (or you can send them to me here) and I will write a blog post answering all your questions.
Summary of my 2017 year - 10-Dec-2017 12:19 - Gianni Ceresa

December is here, UKOUG Tech17 is over, and this means only one thing: end of year is coming.

I generally like to take few minutes to look back to my year and review what I did, so I can better plan the year after.

Five conferences

This year, like already 2016, was rich in travels and conferences for me. It started with Finland and OUGF Harmony 2017 in Helsinki, followed by a Italy and ITOUG Tech Day 2017 in Milano and Netherlands with nlOUG Tech Experience 2017. Then some calmer months and it started again with Germany and DOAG 2017 in Nuremberg and finally United Kingdom with UKOUG Tech17 in Birmingham.

Topics were various: from DevOps with Docker for OBIEE, to building a RPD from scratch in 45 minutes. From Oracle Data Visualization Desktop custom plugins to EPM sources in OBIEE.

Ups and downs blogging

This year has also been probably the first full year for my blog (yes, this one). I do not really have fixed schedules for writing, it depends instead on what I do and discover or experience. One of the main topics of the year has been Docker of course.

Docker clearly changed my way to work with Oracle tools starting from mid 2016. Nowadays most of my sandboxes and environments are Docker based. It’s easier, faster and require less resources, so definitely a positive thing.
Only exceptions are the pre-built VM like OBIEE SampleApp or weird VMs like Exalogic to install HFM, Planning and Essbase on Linux.

Oracle ACE

Finally, last but definitely not least: getting an email informing me that I have been chosen to receive the Oracle ACE award. This clearly made my year !

Oracle ACEI’m really proud and happy to be an Oracle ACE. My career started reading and following few Oracle ACE and ACE Directors who were sharing their knowledge and experience online on blog posts and conferences. Also thanks to them I kept improving and learning more things.

At some point I had the feeling it was now time to start giving back to the community what I received and that’s when I started presenting at conferences, writing blogs, contributing to the Oracle Developer Community forums etc.

There is still a missing point I will keep trying to develop: manage to contribute to an Oracle User Group directly by setting up an event or meetups. So far it didn’t work also because of “political” issues on how local groups are managed and run. But I don’t give up on this one !

What about 2018?

Next year will probably be similar to 2017. I already sent many abstracts to various conferences and already got some replies. Unfortunately I also already had to cancel one conference where I was selected to speak because of agenda and budgeting conflicts, but I still count in attending at least 3-4 event over the year.

Still not sure about the topics which are going to keep me busy in 2018, for sure some graph database if only Oracle focus a bit on on-prem solutions again instead of cloud only. OBIEE & related tools for sure as I will not really give up so easily until the tools are dead.

And for sure I will also keep answering on the ODC forums as it’s also a place where I get some ideas for blog posts (when same questions come back again and again it must means there is still space to fill covering that topic).

So … stay tuned!

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UKOUG Tech17: Chocolate and Knowhow Sharing - 10-Dec-2017 11:40 - Dani Schnider

For the first time, I had the chance to attend and speak at the UKOUG Technology Conference. In these three days at UKOUG Tech17 in Birmingham, I attended some very good sessions, had many interesting discussions about Oracle databases, data warehousing and performance tuning, met nice people and tasted a lot of chocolate.

Inmemory dwh
My session about Oracle Database In-Memory (Photo: Twitter @Boneist)

In my presentation Oracle Database In-Memory & Data Warehouse: The Perfect Combination? I made a little joke about Swiss chocolate (“the compression ratio of Toblerone in UK is lower than in the rest of the world”). That was not the only part about chocolate at the UKOUG Tech17. Chocolate and other food and drinks seem to be an important part of this conference. Neil Chandler presented a session about histograms and chocolate, Richard Foote talked about the response time of buying milk, and I heard some rumours that Kamil Stawiarski mentioned beer in his session about tablespaces (unfortunately I missed this presentation).

Richardfoote Neilchandler
Richard Foote talks about milk, Neil Chandler about chocolate

Despite allusions to food and drinks, the UKOUG Tech17 was not a gourmet conference. Fortunately I was prepared to the quality of food and coffee from Martin Widlake’s blog post UKOUG Conference Survival Guide. But the quality of coffee should not be the reason to go to a technical conference. The content of the sessions is much more important, and here the quality was much better. Unlike some of my colleagues, I used most of the time to attend as many sessions as possible. Sometimes it was hard to decide, because there were so many interesting subjects to listen to at the same time. Up to 11 sessions were presented in parallel (even more, if you count the Apps17 and JDE17 sessions that were available, too). Fortunately, a good mobile app is available for the conference. This allowed me to plan my schedule and find the most interesting sessions for me. I mainly attended sessions of the Database and the Business Analytics stream, 5 to 6 sessions on each day. Most of them were good or even excellent from my point of view. In a very few cases, I expected something else from the title and abstract of a session. But switching to another session was almost impossible, because the rooms in the ICC Birmingham are spread all over the building, and it takes a long time to walk to another session (and to find the right room).

Although I was listening to many presentations, there was still time for chats and discussions with colleagues, other speakers and attendees. Thanks to my Trivadis colleague Christian Antognini, I had the opportunity to talk to Nigel Bayliss, product manager of the Oracle optimizer. Because we had some performance problems with incremental statistics a few days ago in a customer project, I was interested to talk to him about the changes in Oracle 12.2 in this area. Details will follow in my next blog post – hopefully soon.

A complete description of all the sessions I attended would go too far in this blog post. I limit the summary on three highlights, one on each of the conference days:

  • On Monday, I attended Richard Foote’s presentation Real World Examples on how to use AWR Reports to Solve Performance Issues. In this very entertaining session, Richard Foote explained several examples of AWR reports to show different kinds of performance issues that may happen in real projects. Of course, he changed the reports slightly (all databases were called BOWIE and the servers usually ZIGGY), but the examples showed impressively how you can proceed to find the source of a performance problem as fast as possible.
  • On Tuesday, before the session Five Things you Might not Have Known About the Oracle Database of Maria Colgan and Dominic Giles, I was quite sure I will know all the “five things”. But during the session I wrote down several interesting details (even more than five) that I did not know. The session inspired me to read more in the Oracle documentation. There is always something “new” to discover and features to investigate.
  • On Wednesday, the session Histograms are Evil Like Chocolate is Evil of Neil Chandler was not only very entertaining, but informative too. Neil introduced the different types of histograms and the extensions in Oracle 12c, but also explained in detail how they can be efficiently used and configured and in which cases histograms may cause problems. A very good presentation about a subject I thought do be familiar with, but learned some more details about it.

Currently, not all presentations are available (yet) in the UKOUG download area. I hope that this will change, because it’s worth for me to browse through some of the slides again.

The title of Neil’s presentation brings us back to the chocolate: A few days before the UKOUG Tech17 conference, I became an Oracle ACE. Therefore, I was invited to the Oracle ACE Dinner on Monday evening and to a chocolate tasting on Tuesday. As far as I knew before from Twitter, this chocolate tasting seems to be traditional on many conferences, so I hope that I don’t eat too much chocolate in the next few years. Anyway – it was not only a pleasure to taste and compare chocolate from all parts of the world, but mainly to meet other Oracle ACEs and talk to them about Oracle stuff, but also about chocolate, beer and other important topics.

Chocolate tasting
Chocolate tasting, organized by Oracle ACE Program

Ace dinner
Oracle ACE Dinner (Photo: Twitter @connor_mc_d)

Chocolate tasting2
Chocolate tasting (Photo: Twitter @lleturgez)

ODTUG December News - 07-Dec-2017 11:34 - ODTUG
The ODTUG December News includes information about the abstract public voting sign-ups, ODTUG Kscope18 Community Service Day donations, Oracle Cloud Customer Connect upcoming webinars, ODTUG community news, and upcoming ODTUG webinars.
Choosing a Planning & Forecasting Method - 07-Dec-2017 11:31 - US-Analytics

Many companies are considering ditching traditional budgeting for more flexible or more detailed methods.

Choosing a new method calls for careful consideration — understanding what will realistically work for your organization. Read on to explore alternative methods and the various facets of each, including:

  • The pros and cons of rolling forecasts
  • The pros and cons of zero-based budgeting
  • Challenges that come with each method
  • Getting started with each method
  • Tools to optimize and support the method you choose
  • And more!

For most organizations, the account reconciliation process is manual, time consuming, and a major bottleneck in the financial close process. Medium to large companies commonly reconcile thousands of accounts during the quarter-end or month-end close, yet 65 percent rely on manual methods to determine whether adjustments are required

Rittman Mead at UKOUG 2017 - 04-Dec-2017 03:58 - Rittman Mead Consulting

For those of you attending the UKOUG this year, we are giving three presentations on OBIEE and Data Visualisation.

Francesco Tisiot has two on Monday:

  • 14.25 // Enabling Self-Service Analytics With Analytic Views & Data Visualization From Cloud to Desktop - Hall 7a
  • 17:55 // OBIEE: Going Down the Rabbit Hole - Hall 7a

Federico Venturin is giving his culinary advice on Wednesday:

  • 11:25 // Visualising Data Like a Top Chef - Hall 6a

And Mike Vickers is diving into BI Publisher, also on Wednesday

  • 15:15 // BI Publisher: Teaching Old Dogs Some New Tricks - Hall 6a

In addition, Sam Jeremiah and I are also around, so if anyone wants to catch up, grab us for a coffee or a beer.

The December updates for Oracle's Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) are here. This blog post outlines several new features for both applications, enhancements, removal of support, and fixed defects.

The monthly update for PBCS and EPBCS will occur on Friday, December 15 during your normal daily maintenance window.